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I'm Alina!

An entrepreneur, life strategist & coach for people living abroad. A dynamic enthusiast dedicated to helping you become the person you are most proud of and live a life you love on your terms. 

Alina Albu

Life Strategist & Coach for people living abroad

Born and raised in Romania ​with nothing more than a dream, enthusiasm and courage, I am proud to be here today to serve you: empower you to believe in yourself, take the right actions in the right direction to create a life you love on your terms.


My journey

It started in  2004 when I moved to Switzerland to live my dream of studying abroad and finding a brighter future. 

My record so far: I lived in 7 countries, 13 cities, worked in 5 sectors worldwide and studied in 5 European universities...I also experienced all those modern challenges like looking for my purpose, existential crisis in my early 30ties,  went back to university at 32, went solo backpacking for name a few. 

Why I chose this path

I have always loved giving advice and helping people; finding

solutions to the challenges that my friends, colleagues, acquaintances were going through personally and professionally. I love bringing new perspectives and helping others believe in themselves, connect with their potential, see their blind spots and get out the best of themselves. And dare to get where they are ought to be.

You see, for a long time I did not believe enough in myself, I was full of self-doubt and fear. Because of that, I stayed for far too long in situations where I was feeling unhappy, drained, unfulfilled. The thing is that I was not aware of what exactly I was doing to myself and why.

And I know that I am not alone. We all struggle with these things in one way or another, we just express it differently or we are simply not aware of it and we get stuck.

We all heard this phrase: “Love starts from within”.

Well it is exactly how it is. When you are connected and love yourself, you can love others. When you are proud of yourself, you are able to be proud of others. 

So how about, you becoming the person you are most proud of? How about daring to create a life you love on your own terms?


What it takes 

Throughout a process of trial and error I became a personal change and development expert. It took me a long way because I tried to do it all by myself and I had to figure things out. 

The good news is that you don't need to do the same: I can offer you the precious support and guidance that I wish I had. You don't have to do everything by yourself. You don't need to waste time and energy to figure things out by yourself. 

My mission is to empower you to believe in yourself, connect with your true potential, take action and create a life you love on your terms.

Because you deserve it and only you can do it! You already have what it takes within you!

From coincidence to purpose 

In 2010 I discovered the personal development field. I had to make an assignment as part of my master's program. I loved it. I found so many responses to questions that I hadn't even asked myself yet.

That was it: my first true passion in my adult life ignited. I was hungry for more! More self-discovery, more self-understanding, more self-development. 

In time, the focus shifted from myself to people like you.

I want to help you discover how to transform your quality of life, untap your potential and live a life you love on your terms. 

Become the person you are most proud of 

and live a life you love on your terms. 

It all starts with you taking the conscious decision of getting started.

The rest is history. 

Let's rock it together!


Individual coaching package

This program is for you if you are ready to take action, drop all excuses and finally live up to your potential. If you want to take back your power and live a life on your terms.

Investment:  €1500



Online Course

Gain Clarity, Focus and Confidence for a Fuller, Happier Life




Investment:  €497



  • You are ready to take committed action and create new patterns in your life now.

  • You are ready to fast track your personal success.

  • You are ready to be kept accountable for a radical shift. 


  • 14 training modules on personal transformation

  • 10 month x 2 individual coaching sessions a month

  • 30 days in a row accountability and laser coaching to keep you on track, break patters and habits and create new healthy ones

  • Accountability

  • Love and support.

Investment: €10.000

Keyboard and Mouse

What others say about working with me  

"I would describe I Want More program as a powerful tool to kick-start some positive last-longing changes in one's life. An eye opener to personal development: the same way we should take care of, for example, our health, we should also take care of our spiritual self. I learned from this course that I must take action in order for good things to happen for me (go out of my comfort zone). I learned how to structure a plan and strategy for living the life I want. That in order to solve the challenges in my life and living happily I first need to identify the unbalances and work on them."

"There are many things in life we take for granted and when we are asked to evaluate life we think of so many things that we all are grateful for. Thanks to the I Want More program, I started to see little changes. I started appreciating the efforts I was putting in them and started seeing the positive side of the picture. This course is an excellent place to start if you are not sure why you are unhappy or unsatisfied with life and you have an urge to make some changes. It helps you think through the steps to make sure that you are heading in the direction you want! It is simple to understand with plenty of workbooks and handouts to enhance the learning. It was a pleasure to take this course."

- Celeste, CEO & owner at Self Care

Planner Girl, Canada

" For the 1st time in a very long time, I truly took the time to THINK what I really, truly wanted. It was a massive shift as it made me answer some questions I’d subconsciously been avoiding for a long time but it felt SO liberating to finally be honest with myself about some seismic shifts I need to make in my life to be truly happy and not just to stay with the ‘safe’ option. The rest of the program built on mindset in many important areas including how to have the courage and to change self-limiting beliefs and fears that stop us doing what we truly want to.
For me it was truly life-changing and Alina’s warm, calm and friendly manner and beautiful energy made it an absolute joy. "   

"Alina hands you tools to work with and stimulates you to look at yourself in a very clear and honest way to grow from it. She's a very positive and sympathetic coach who is kind, but despite also not afraid to challenge you. I recommend her to anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes from within and incorporate them in daily life. She's a very bright and positive person which makes the coaching also lighter!"


- Gil, Software Engineer, Portugal

- Charlotte, Switzerland

- Cindy, Doctor, Netherlands

Alina's support has made a significant difference for me. I tend to overthink and get anxious but with the tools I gained during the program I can shift my thinking. For a long time I have been afraid of making mistakes/failing and now instead of getting anxious I can reframe my thoughts. I actually actively started seeking out challenging situations as now I see and embrace that they enhance my development (regardless of the outcome) and I get excited about them instead of anxious.

-Maria, Netherlands

This program helped me to gain so much confidence. I've learnt what I can do, I've learnt to believe in my dreams, see what's holding me back, take up space and make them happen.

- Gabi, the Netherlands, entrepreneur 

"It was my first time doing coaching, I didn’t really know what coaching meant until I started working with Alina. She helped me discover more things about myself in one month that I have done in years. She has a lot of knowledge, that she uses to bring up the best in you and makes you question things to be able to grow and confront your fears. Alina is very approachable, you feel like you can talk to her about anything without being judged, you feel comfortable and that you can trust her. Our sessions really made a difference in my life."

- Sara, Nurse, Spain

Let's Connect

- Candace, Entrepreneur, Sales and account management, South Africa

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The push I needed into seeing a different perspective. Alina sparked the right questions I needed to ask myself in order to uncover blocks and resistance I had. Working with Alina gently showed me my behaviors and thought patterns from a birds eye view. It was hard to see that I had a damaging story on replay in my head that really wasn't serving me. I also realized just how much I needed to work on my self love and self esteem. Having someone with the skillset and kindness to hold a safe space to explore difficult emotions is a game changer. I am so grateful for having met Alina and worked with her for over a year now. Feels like she always gives extra and is sending new challenges your way. I am now literally realizing dreams that I told her I wanted to achieve and I believe its because I changed my mindset, and stayed open to her guiding me into my own answers. I would recommend working with Alina if you want to transform your life!